04: Rehydration Salts and Not Much Else – Gharoli-Patal, India

Gharoli-Patal layover Day

We didn’t move the next day. I lethargically plopped between shade and my sleeping bag, nursing rehydration salts and still shitting though what I didn’t know. I hadn’t been able to eat or drink in almost two days. I desperately needed someone to tell me I was going to be okay because I just kept getting more weak and dehydrated. I desperately wanted to just suck it up and be okay.

I willed every drop of water and food to stay down and in me for more than 20 minutes, but my body was rebelling against me. I spiraled from sleep to waking up hotter than I could bear to stumbling outside to sitting in the shade and nursing water.

A lightning storm woke me up that night from my feverish sleep. I sat listening to rain, whipping wind and booming thunder close enough to make me crouch in lightening position despite my week body.

My body felt impossibly light. As if in my delirious state, it lifted with each booming thunder vibration rattling my brain.

The next morning we had to hike. 


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