A Snowy Start – Colorado to Utah

The bug happy to get away from the snowy roads

Snow. So much snow. A genuine Rocky Mountain blizzard chased us to Moab today. As the mountains faded into the desert, the conversation stretched from philosophy to dreams. The grey skies cast a light that saturated the red rocks and cliffs. The excitement grew as we reached the desert, promising a sweet escape from cold Colorado. The weather proved too frigid to camp so we checked into the Lazy Lizard Hostel. The hostel hides behind a few storage units on the highway outside of Moab. It holds a quirky conglomeration of wrinkled faces, crooked smiles, and gnarled hands. The warm bed lulled me to sleep as the temperature continued dropping outside.

One of the cheapest Hostels in the United States only $11 for a bed and a shower.

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